Workshop Testimonials

  • Spending a day with Wendy changes your perspective of freedom. She has a way of connecting a person’s heart to their mind and spirit that creates an atmosphere of joy and acceptance. I had a personal experience in her Prophetic Art Workshop that led me to appreciate ‘getting lost and in touch’ when painting with my hands. I was able to trust her, trust myself, and let go of any control and the lie of perfectionism. Wendy is a real mentor, she explains her craft and is incredibly patient. Her technique and skills are not used as a lecture but a segway to identity and personal revelation. Painting was an added bonus. I felt light and relaxed after attending her workshop. It was more like calming therapy session than a class – I loved it.

    Brooke Rapic, Castle Hill
  • What a wonderful day!!! As soon as I walked into the room I was greeted with love, acceptance and friendship. I came into a place that was both encouraging and safe. My goal was to find some freedom in the way that I paint, to be able to let go and go with the flow and become fearless and surrendered. Through a series of discussions which helped me become more self aware and then through some fun activation, I was totally amazed at what and how I was able to create. I was able to shut out all that was going on around me, listen to direction given by Holy Spirit, think about the movement of my hands on the canvas and the feel of the paint under my fingers. Following God’s direction, I created a background painting on my canvas that left me stunned. It was so much more than I could have hoped for.

    Colleen Palmer, Port Macquarie
  • Born for such a time! I came to Wendy’s Creative Breakthrough workshop not knowing what to expect, however I nurtured a sense of hopeful anticipation in my heart and found the experience far exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun & was so encouraged by the pearls of wisdom and creative insights Wendy shared. I experienced abounding joy and freedom to create something new from a place of surrender, trust and worship. It was definitely a breakthrough for me in my creativity. My first painting in over 10 years and in a style never attempted before. Wendy’s workshop has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of dreaming and encountering God’s presence and heart, and discovering new skills in the process. It was absolutely wonderful and I recommend it highly!

    Robyn Unicomb, Sunshine Coast
  • Thank you so much for today. I came to your workshop expecting to learn new technique, but I got more than what I expected. I got stuck with my painting. When you started painting, I watched the freedom you were expressing. Right then I felt a release in my spirit. All along I have been painting as a victim of trauma, but today I have been realised. I am a victor. I must rise above my traumatic circumstances. My painting also began to unfold. I thank God for opening this door for me. Keep up the good work.

    Grace Chiundiza, Sydney
  • I attended a Prophetic Art Workshop that Wendy Manzo ran at Catch the Fire, Sydney. It unlocked creativity in me that had lain dormant for a long time. I had basically convinced myself that I couldn’t paint yet following Wendy’s guidance I astounded myself and was completely overwhelmed with the results. Would recommend these workshops to anybody, those that are extremely gifted or those who like me, feel that they can’t do it.

    Sharon Foster, Chatswood
  • I can’t thank you enough for your recent workshop at Kings. Prior to the workshop I had thought my art was not good enough, or that I had to do a gazillion courses, or be trained in order to be considered an artist. How many barriers had I created for myself? I’m not sure but there was quite a few! I would also get fierce tension headaches when I painted trying to get things “just right” and not making mistakes. A few days after the workshop I had a good laugh at myself. It’s with great joy that I share with you my new Facebook page. Had I not attended your workshop, I would not have created this page. My confidence has risen so much! My friends and family are all so happy that I’m doing this. My best friend said “Fiiiinally!” and best of all my children are proud of me! Plus, I’ve not gotten a single headache while painting since completing the workshop. You and Andy are a wonderful team!

    Jennifer Murphy, Gold Coast
  • I took a step out of my comfort zone and discovered that God could use the little talent I had in a new way, to communicate how amazing he is to others. I am going to start painting in my church!

    Debbie, Canberra
  • I was so blessed to participate in a workshop with Wendy Manzo at King’s Church. I used to watch her in awe when she painted at our church and never imagined I might be able to do it. I was amazed at how I just got lost in the moment of painting and I know I’m changed forever. I have so much of what Wendy said whizzing through my head and yet I know I need more!! I have millions of new painting ideas and lots of wonderful comments on my work already.

    Donna Wilson, Gold Coast
  • I have received a phenomenal breakthrough in my art since attending this workshop! It has been like a flow of rushing waters was released from attending this workshop. I’m producing styles of artwork I never even knew I could paint. It has brought such a deeper and stronger sense of identity over my life and freedom to express my soul like never before. I feel the trainers are highly anointed for this ministry & feel they are forerunners for releasing creative breakthrough for such a time as this!

    Lisa, Sydney