The Making Of ‘Safe Harbour’

Making Prophetic Art Worship Art

Every month they will bear fruit, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.
Ezekiel 47:12

The sandy bay represents Coffs Harbour and cocoon formed by the bay and the arch of the trees represents “Safe Harbour”. The word over the church is that as we look to the tree of life for all our provision, the glory will fall over the city. People, families, cities and ultimately nations are healed.

Commissioning Day, Harbour Church – January 2016

The Making Of ‘Get In The Boat’

Making Prophetic Art Worship Art

Matt 17:10 … you will say to this mountain “move from here to there” and it will move…

Mountains represent authority. When I recognise who my authority is, then nothing will be impossible. So often I hang onto to the “fridge door” verse that nothing is impossible and totally forget the context of the verse. Firstly, do I have the faith of a mustard seed? Faith with the ability to grow? And have I said to the mountain (authority) MOVE!

These were the thoughts I had for painting for Connections. I had been searching my mind and spirit for symbols of authority. On the early morning drive to Cairns, the misty mountains were shrouded in very low cloud. Ahhhh there was my symbol – the mountain – and my subject to paint.

As I painted and the mountain and sea formed on the canvas, I was aware of “something” coming through the water – out of chaos and toward the stillness in the distance. I admit I was a bit lost in the moment and His presence, but I suddenly thought “oh it’s a boat” and I added it to the painting.

After worship, I was given the chance to speak to the congregation. This doesn’t normally happen and it was such a valuable moment, as together we discussed what the Lord had been speaking to us all during the painting. We talked through the meaning of aligning ourselves with God’s authority and of “getting in Jesus’ boat”. And! We talked about the shark – yes someone saw it as a shark … and also about the seed pod – yes someone saw it as a mangrove seed pod about to burst open. We shared so much revelation from a simple, almost abstract, shape.

I rarely get the chance to tweak a painting with the benefit of input so I reflected on its prophetic meaning … and decided it was indeed a boat. Boats also represent authority.

I’d not painted a boat before so I was kind to myself and Googled boat images, in particular, fishing boats on Galilee. These photos show you the process of tweaking – I hope that helps you in many ways. Firstly, for you to know that YOU CAN PAINT OVER! As prophetic artists, we do not need to bow to the pressure of finishing a completed piece in one worship time. And also to encourage you that it’s okay to experiment as you go, try new things, stretch your abilities, make boats that look like sharks and still The Lord uses it all.

06/03/16 at Connections

The Making Of ‘Shalom’

Making Prophetic Art Worship Art

This piece is a privately commissioned work by a client who asked me to paint “Shalom” peace for his home. He also asked if he could pray for me before I painted, so on Easter Sunday I phoned him from the front verandah of the studio, and as he prayed a small white feather fluttered before me and landed at my feet. Yes we do have chooks around Brooklyn, however the air was as still as still could be with clear blue skies, the chickens do not go anywhere near the verandah and there was not another feather in sight. Whatever your theology is on feathers from heaven, I was encouraged!

As I painted I sensed a breaking out, busting through, but gently – if there’s a word for that? – as if the spirit realm was manifesting into the natural. Almost like the Star Trek “beam me up” except it was beaming through. Of course I had to paint the feather in the painting, especially as to me feathers represent the prayers of the saints. The orbs in this painting represent the ministering angels that come to fulfil God’s words as we speak them. The rich turmoil of the blue underpainting represents humanity and our need for Shalom. And Shalom of course is the complete fullness of peace, everything aligned as it should be according to the word of God and as it is in Heaven, peace, health, prosperity, goodness, favor, friendship, perfect, safe, happy, rest, wholly complete.

The suggestion of the wings in the painting are from my favourite verse Malachi 4:2,

But to you who fear My name
The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
With healing in His wings;
And you shall go out
And grow fat like stall-fed calves.

The poppies, representing remembrance, were my finishing touches to the painting. The next day as I prepared the canvas for the final varnish I counted the poppies. I had painted 49, ie 7×7, ie the number for resurrection, spiritual completeness, the Father’s perfection, deliverance and salvation. There are 7 orbs. Seven is the number of Seals, Churches in Revelations, kingdoms of influence (or ‘mountains’ of influence). There are 7 wheat sheaths, representing harvest, and the gold represents the descending glory of God’s presence.

AND – apart from all the mysteries and symbolism contained within the artwork – the colours are perfectly aligned with the client’s home and other pieces of artwork. Ha, God you are good!