Now Is The Time


Painted: The Ark: Online Worship Nights – live online – 11th March 2018

As we prayed before going live, I thought of the recent ‘artesian well painting’ with the seedling breaking the dry earth, and I also had an image of a flooded plain. The two pictures didn’t go together.

This painting surprised me. It began with a flood of gold through the centre. As I painted the sky, a mass of light and fire appeared on the canvas. Underneath I had written ‘Now it’s time’. I was also painting over a piece from 2008 called “Much Love” that depicted a stairway to heaven with words scratched into the paint ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘faith’, so these words were popping through the new layers of paint.

I painted the living waters as the artesian basin under the land, but couldn’t see where the seedling should breakthrough. Then I suddenly saw seeds sprouting in the gold with extensive roots going deep into the Holy Spirit (living water). There were five. The seeds of grace!

Afterwards I understood the two images I’d had. The dry earth was flooded with glory (gold), then the seeds grew in this grace (His presence to empower).

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