Water of Life

Water of Life is a personal prophetic painting.
Painted by Wendy Manzo in the Creative Hearts Art gallery studio.
As I painted, a prevailing calm took over and I sensed the cascade of water was the river that flows from the throne room and the phrase “the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”. The presence of peace was strong.
I saw doves, and then geese flying in formation. This speaks into two aspects of the leadership journey. The dove represents the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit. In a flock of geese, there is no one leader, each bird takes turns at flying in the front, falling back into formation when they are tired. In this way, the flock conserves energy. Geese are not born with this ability; they learn it as they care for one another. This symbolizes being placed in a team, in a ‘flock’, where the synergy and energy of the team form an ease empowering you to perform the tasks ahead. There are six geese in this painting. Six biblically represents humanity and many governmental aspects of work and worship. It also represents a heart for people. The fruit of the tree is depicted in red, yellow, and orange, representing passion, happiness, and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.