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Wendy Manzo is a live prophetic worship artist, painting in churches throughout Australia. You can bring God-inspired art into your worship service by hosting Wendy in your church or venue, or you could activate creativity in your own congregation with a 1-Day or 2-Day workshop with Wendy Manzo and creative coach Andy Hamish Smith. For more information, please download the Information Pack.

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  • Wendy Manzo has a unique style of intuitive, spontaneous painting that has a significant prophetic impact on many people. Her paintings draw the audience into a divine encounter as the artwork evolves on the canvas on stage. She has inspired thousands of people in a closer intimate relationship with God through art that carries a personal message directly to their heart and spirit. As a church, DaySpring has intentionally pursued what role art plays within the worship service. Wendy made ground-breaking contributions with her willingness to surrender to the Spirit with live painting during the church service, and in 2006 we asked her to lead our creative arts team. Her skills, experience, and personal qualities put her in the unique position of being able to facilitate community building amongst creative people, as well as mentoring individual artists. She has an exceptional way of engaging participants from all walks of life, and demystifying the creative process of producing art. She leads the way in changing many people’s perception of their own artistic abilities and awakens their supernatural creativity.

    David and Narelle Crabtree, Founders DaySpring Church, Sydney
  • In my experience it is a rare thing to find a gem such as Wendy. Whilst knowing Wendy for a relatively short period of time I feel I can confidently bring an endorsement based on the encounters, conversations, observations and senses that I have enjoyed with her. The stage was set for the first citywide Easter event on the Gold Coast coinciding with the Commonwealth Games 2018 and represented by over 80 local churches. Wendy stood on the platform in front of 3,500 people and painted stunning prophetic pictures as the worship unfolded and Jesus was lifted high in our city. She demonstrated a unique ability to read the spiritual temperature and convey in brush strokes a story of unity, harmony and Kingdom promise. I was particularly struck by Wendy's articulate understanding of current Apostolic and Prophetic movement as it relates to cities and nations, and her insights into dimensions of Kingdom strategy. Since that day I have observed Wendy flow in her gifting on at least three occasions, once at my invitation to paint at a National Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders New Wineskin summit. Along with her obvious talent and spiritual gifting, Wendy's sensitivity to the correct positioning of her work across the city - right people, right places - has highlighted her humility, passion and devotion to Jesus Christ. I am honoured to know Wendy, and believe she is a beautiful blessing the the Body of Christ as we navigate this new Apostolic Era.

    Sue Baynes, Apostolic Leader, Gold Coast Ecclesia
  • I encourage anyone, from the beginner to the advanced artist, the discontented, the frustrated, those who know there is so much more within, and the ones wanting to push the boundaries of limitation, to embark on this beautiful journey with prophetic artist Wendy Manzo. When Gateway invited Wendy to do a prophetic art workshop with our church, I really wasn’t sure what to expect or what would unfold, but as it turned out, the two-day workshop with Wendy and Andy was more than we hoped for or even imagined. There was much laughter, some tears, and moments of awe as different ones stood back and admired the art that had just come from their very own hands and heart. Souls were enlightened, hearts were healed, relationships built and gifts unlocked. I highly encourage you to take this journey, I am quite sure you will never regret it and it could just be the breakthrough you have always been looking for.

    Paul and Tracey Tothill, Gateway Church, Adelaide
  • I’ve always been passionate about the arts playing a major role in church to make her contemporary and relevant to the current world. At C3 Church we have a thriving Creative Ministry school and I am committed to developing leaders who can spread the vision of the hope of the world, see the lost saved and the power of the Holy Spirit revealed. Wendy Manzo is one such leader. Wendy graduated CCC Ministry Training college in 1990 and ever since has been an effective minister for Christ, especially through her art. Wendy served our Oxford Falls Grammar School as P&C President (2005-2010) and the school community flourished under her leadership. She has a compassionate, servant-hearted, encouraging approach and an understanding of raising people to excel in their own gifts. Wendy is committed to reviving the arts in ministry.

    Dr Phil Pringle, C3 Church, Sydney
  • There is a new prophetic voice being released and it is Wendy's artistic voice, the voice of her prophetic art. Her colors are vivid, her strokes detailed and lush, but there is something else - there is The Presence of The One for whom she paints - Emmanuel, God with us. The first piece of Wendy's I ever saw was ‘Glory over the Lake’ and I was instantly taken into an experience with the Lord. I entered that painting, I found myself sitting on the lake, under the Glory and the Lord Himself danced over me. I was in such wonder that He would dance around me as I sat there. Then He said to me, "Do not be amazed that I dance like this over you, because this is how I am every minute of the day and night. I am always dancing and singing over you and around you." It is my prayer that His Presence will continue to grow stronger and stronger in Wendy, in her artwork and in every person who takes in what she does. Thank you Wendy, I have been radically blessed by what you do.

    Elizabeth A. Nixon, Esq., White Quill Media, Los Angeles
  • We loved having Wendy join our worship team at leading Prophetic Art at King's Church. Learning how to worship through all of the creative arts was a new experience for us in 2012. Wendy prayed prior to the service and had written a scripture across the canvas, without us knowing it was evident that was the theme God had for the whole service. I especially appreciate the seriousness Wendy has toward the role of prophetic art in the Kingdom, and how over the years she has taken us to new levels on a creative prophetic journey. We love learning through Wendy the different ways to worship and appreciate our Creator.

    Kyal Cumming, Pastor, Kingdom Church, Gold Coast
  • We are seeing a revival of creative arts as a conduit of God’s presence and grace into our world. Wendy Manzo brings to this revival a prophetic cutting edge in two particular ways. 1. Her spontaneous and highly intuitive prophetic art that draws the observer into encounter with the Father, in worship settings and in live art in the marketplace. 2. Her passion, backed with Holy Spirit empowered ability, to encourage others to step out in the Spirit in her workshops. Budding artists are led into their own heart-to-heart encounters that profoundly deepen their own relationship with the Father.

    Len Rossow, Facilitator Gold Coast House of Prayer