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[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-book” style=”2″ title=”Art that Impacts”]A beautiful coffee table book featuring interviews and artwork of over 30 practising Australian Prophetic Artists. This book will give you an understanding of the significance of prophetic art, introduce you to the spontaneous creative processes, and perhaps inspiring you to explore your own inner artist.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-book” style=”2″ title=”88 Days”]In 88 Days I share with you a life turned upside down and my process for recovery. Hindsight is amazingly wise, but knowing you never walk alone may give you much needed hope for the future. This easy-to- read, down-to- earth walk through phases of shut-down, rest, peace, and recovery, helps you find God’s loving hand in your brokenness. Its like water to a dry sponge.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-book” style=”2″ title=”Diamonds on the Water”]Diamonds on the Water is a metaphor for the little things that catch my heartstrings, like the early morning sunlight that glints across the ocean. This book is an illustrated devotional with personal stories on the creative process in my painting, my thoughts, inspirations and adventures. I also reveal snippets of my life as a global wanderer and share my love of creative entrepreneurs.[/minti_iconbox]